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High Jewellery

High Jewellery

Since it was established in 1978, Korloff has been making exquisite bespoke jewellery.



Manufactured in Switzerland, Korloff watches stand out from the crowd with their elegant design and ever-present diamonds.

Wedding Jewellery

To celebrate one of life's most exceptional moments, Korloff offers a Wedding Collection based on its exclusive K88 cut diamond.

Serving your happiness
Wedding Jewellery
The black diamond Korloff Noir

The black diamond Korloff Noir

A 200-carat rough diamond cut into an extraordinary 88-carat brilliant jewel. The Korloff Noir’s size and history, along with the intensity of its intriguing natural colour, never cease to fascinate.

An exceptional piece of jewellery

The 88 facets diamond

Korloff and diamonds : expertise fuelled by passion.

The brightest diamond
The 88 facets diamond



Opposite the strong and powerful black diamond, the 18 carats pink gold embodies the sensuality and elegance.
When Duality meets complementarity...
#BlackDiamond #Korlove #KorloffParis #Elegance #RockMantic
Me & You, Us.
Love emanates simplicity. The delicacy of the gold chains, coupled with stylized heart motif, embodies the current trends and rock-manticism.
#RockMantic #Korlove #Necklaces #KorloffParis
Korlove, a Neo-Romanticism story with Rock accents. 
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Just look in my eyes…I challenge you (with love). 
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