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Korloff Diamond

The diamond, passion and expertise of the Maison.

A diamond jewelleR.

Korloff belongs to an elite circle of Maisons that prize both creative talent and technical expertise. From selection to purchase and from cutting to mounting, Korloff is an expert when it comes to diamonds.

By combining the 4 ‘C’s (Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat) with the brilliance of the diamond, our experts can offer true perfection. The brilliance depends on the quality of light diffused, so the precision of the cut is extremely important. A diamond with perfectly proportioned, symmetrical facets will reflect the light in the best possible way. The facets magnify the unique radiance of each diamond, giving it an exceptional brilliance. 

Exclusive diamond cuts.

The Maison offers two proprietary cuts: the octagonal Korloff Cut 73 and the Korloff Cut 88, a brilliant cut with 88 facets instead of the standard 57.

The result of extensive gemmology research and mathematical modelling, these proprietary Korloff cuts are extremely complex and push the boundaries of diamond cutting. Only the most experienced cutters can hand-sculpt stone after stone into unique pieces through which the light dances and disperses. It is true perfection, and no other cut comes close.

The laser-engraved number on the diamond girdle ensures easy identification. Additionally, all Korloff cuts are authenticated and certified by the International Gemological Institute. They are generally mounted as central stones and/or solitaires to fully accentuate their extraordinary sparkle.