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Our know-how

KORLOFF, a French jeweller-diamantaire for over 40 years, orchestrates an extraordinary world in which materials mingle, creativity abounds and the passion for diamonds knows no limits.

A jeweller’s expertise 


KORLOFF has skilfully mastered and explored the techniques of a traditional and timeless art in order to transcend its jewellery collections.


Gold, diamond, hard stones and mother-of-pearl… Historically fuelled by a mix of materials and colours, KORLOFF creations highlight extremely traditional expertise. Amongst the most experienced in the world, our craftsmen daringly set out to make especially audacious creations.

Jewellery: know-how and creativity, hand in hand


A French jeweller-diamantaire and member of the Comité Vendôme, Maison KORLOFF combines creative talent and technical stone expertise. From the selection to the purchase, by way of the cutting, KORLOFF is an expert when it comes to diamonds.

Our Parisian creation studio gives life to our style, design and communication. Today, KORLOFF reignites its initial impertinent spirit. Diamonds, shapes and materials are honed to perfection, composing a unique style. Each piece embraces the body and delights the eyes.

The KORLOFF woman owns her singularity in complete freedom: multifaceted, strong personnality, daring.

Exclusive diamond cuts


The Maison offers two registered proprietary cuts: the octagonal KORLOFF cut 73 and the KORLOFF cut 88, a brilliant cut with 88 facets (well beyond the standard 57 facets).


Based on in-depth mathematical modelling and gemmology research, these proprietary KORLOFF cuts redefine cutting limitations with their complexity.

Working stone by stone, only the most expert Antwerp cutters can manually craft these one-of-a-kind pieces that disperse the light more harmoniously than any other cut.



Since its creation more than 40 years ago, jeweller-diamantaire KORLOFF has developed unmatched know-how in the diamond field.

Today more than ever before, the diamond shines at the very heart of the creative process.

Awed by the light refraction and dispersion that ensure the diamond’s unique sparkle, KORLOFF continues to showcase this gem in its iconic collections.

In quest of perfection, our experts are mainly driven by the combination of the 4 Cs: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. In addition to the quality of the stone, brilliance notably depends on the quality of light diffusion and therefore the precision with which the diamond is cut.

A diamond with perfectly proportional and symmetric facets reflects light in the most sublime way.

Timepieces: the ultimate in Parisian creativity and Swiss technical sophistication

Backed by several decades of masterful designs, the Maison uses all of its creative flair and jewellery know-how in its precious timepieces.


Swiss-made watches 


Calling on the best Swiss watchmaking know-how, the Maison gives form to jewellery timepieces, featuring complication movements and exquisitely decorated dials.

Each and every KORLOFF watch meets stringent quality criteria.


Precious watches 


Guilloché, mother-of-pearl, aventurine, precious stone and diamond decoration… KORLOFF watches make a distinct statement with their inspiration gazed upon domes of the cities, skies and cosmos.

Watch movements


KORLOFF benefits from the expertise of the most renowned Swiss manufacturing factories to offer exceptional calibres, such as retrograde and regulator movements, with some models housing up to five movements.