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Terms of Use

Terms of Use 

The purpose of this document is to define the terms and conditions whereby KORLOFF S.A, hereinafter referred to as THE PUBLISHER, makes the website and its services available to users, and the ways users may access the site and use its services. All connections to the website are subject to compliance with these conditions.

By connecting to the PUBLISHER’S site at the following URL address users accept all the conditions described below.


1.       Intellectual Property 

The overall structure of the site, and all its content including domain name, brands, logo, text, images and videos, are the property of the publisher.

Copying, reproduction, misappropriation or modification of any part of this site, by any medium whatsoever, shall constitute an act of infringement as defined in articles L 335-2 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code.

Misappropriation of any commercial brand displayed at, or of any other content present on this platform, is strictly prohibited.


2.       Unsolicited Submissions and Communication

KORLOFF S.A. enjoys a worldwide reputation in designing and producing luxury goods (jewellery, clocks and watches, perfumes and accessories). KORLOFF S.A, therefore, has its own creative resources, including design teams, who design and develop its products. Accordingly, KORLOFF S.A can neither agree to nor accept any unsolicited inquiries regarding collaboration. KORLOFF S.A may already be working on similar ideas or designs. KORLOFF S.A therefore hereby informs readers that it does not wish to receive any ideas or other design suggestions that they may want to submit.


3.       Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy Policy page carefully.


4.       Limitation of Liability

THE PUBLISHER endeavours to transmit regularly updated information concerning any news or article content. Nevertheless, erroneous or incomplete information may be published, owing to input or page layout errors.

All prices are for guidance purposes only, are not contractually binding and are subject to modification.

Moreover, THE PUBLISHER reserves the right to change any information or sales offers published on the website, without prior notice, when refreshing or updating data. Note, in particular, that data may have been updated between the time it is downloaded and the time it is viewed by the user.

In no event shall the PUBLISHER be liable for any type of foreseeable or unforeseeable damages, whether material or immaterial (including loss of profit or opportunity, etc.) arising from the use of or complete or partial impossibility of using the Site.


5.       Access to the Website

THE PUBLISHER shall endeavour to ensure that the site is accessible and updated, without there being, however, any obligation to do so. Note that access to the website may be suspended for the purposes of maintenance or updates, or for any other reason, particularly with reference to technical issues. THE PUBLISHER cannot accept liability for any such interruptions or for any consequences to Users arising from them.

Users confirm that they are familiar with the intrinsic nature of the internet, particularly with reference to the fact that the transmission of data via the internet is of only relative reliability, that navigation flows are sometimes saturated at certain times of day, which can affect the downloading or accessibility of data, and that the internet is an open network. Consequently, information sent via the internet is not protected from the risk of misappropriation, intrusion into a user’s system, hacking of data, programmes or files in the user's system, or contamination by a computer virus.

 Users must, therefore, take all necessary steps to protect any data, files or programmes stored on their systems against contamination by virus and system intrusion attempts.


6.       Hyperlinks

The website may contain hyperlinks to other websites present on the internet. Such links to other resources will take users away from the website.  KORLOFF S.A. accepts no liability for hyperlinks activated in this website that take users to other websites or personal pages or, more generally, to any other resources existing on the internet.

Links to the website may only be created after obtaining the prior approval of THE PUBLISHER.


7.       Changes to Conditions of Use

THE PUBLISHER reserves the right to change these conditions of use, at any time and without prior notice, in order to adapt them to any changes made to the website and/or its operation.


8.       Applicable Law

This website and its terms and conditions of use are governed by French law, irrespective of where it is being used. In the event of any dispute, and upon the failure of any attempt to find an amicable solution, French courts shall have sole jurisdiction over the matter.

For any questions concerning the terms of use of this website, please write to us at the following address: