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The Black Korloff

The Black Korloff fascinates by its size, the intensity of its natural color and its enigmatic history.




Maison Korloff history is inseparably and fabulously tied to its eponymous Black Diamond whose raw material is said to have formed almost four billion years ago, during the explosion of a star into a supernova.


Black diamonds contain interstellar metallic hydrogen that is not found on Earth, allowing scientists to suggest it is from extra-terrestrial origin. Dust particles of black diamond, born from this little bang have travelled at the very heart of most ancient and primitive meteorites, some of which have landed on Earth.


After a long transformation process, into organic crystallized carbon, under extreme pressures, the black diamond is emerging from the heart of our planet.  The Portuguese will discover it in Brazil, in the year 1841; they will name it Carbonado, referring to its striking coal-like color.





The Korloff-Sapojnikoff family, belonging to the Russian nobility acquired a phenomenal 200 carats nugget. Fascinating and mysterious, highly magnetic, the gemstone has been handed down from generation to generation.


Soon the revolution will overthrow the Tsarist regime and the Korloff-Sapojnikoff family will seek shelter in Western Europe escaping the misery and turmoil that swept through their home country.


Maison KORLOFF will become synonymous with luck and recaptured happiness. The black diamond was temporarily owned by renowned diamond merchants Krochmal & Lieber until a French gemstone broker, Daniel Paillasseur, surrendered to its beauty and acquires the Black Diamond.





Forward-thinking, the entrepreneur from Lyon named the gemstone « KORLOFF », honouring its former owners, he then creates the eponymous jewellery and diamond trading "Maison KORLOFF".


A faithful pact will eventually be sealed with Antwerp's diamond cutters. Over 18 months the stone which had exceptional resistance and was far more difficult to work than other diamonds will be cut into an 88 carats stone to finally reveal its mysterious, sober, metallic and deep-dark appearance.





The KORLOFF is the soul of the Maison. It constitutes its magical source of inspiration. As a tribute to its 88 carats, the jeweller gave birth to the proprietary K88 cut in 2005. The result of ten years of research is recognized as being on par with Princess, Pear, Marquise, or Round cuts. And it is featured in the Bridal offer alongside a second exclusive cut, the K73. Each stone, with its intensified brilliance through the multiplication of facets, gives off an exceptional radiance.


The origins of the black diamond, evocative of an unfathomable beyond, also guide the joaillier-diamantaire cutter's gaze on the world from above: the universe of cities domes and rooftops, their architecture is thus captured from a lift-off point. The KORLOVE collection fits into this territory of expression. It celebrates love by giving it a new dimension, seeming to come from elsewhere. Its three-dimensional heart, repeated endlessly, set with black diamonds in a nod to KORLOFF, propels feelings towards a multiplied passion, very "Rockmantic"!


The perfumes translate Maison Korloff's enchanting and elusive aura, in their facetted bottles and caps, also evoke Black KORLOFF.






The black diamond is primarily associated with the universe, and from a philosophical and metaphysical point of view, with the cosmos. It is a sign of the presence of an ordering force over the chaos - the confusion of the elements of matter. As such, it is considered sacred.


The black diamond is frequently associated with positive energies on the mental, emotional, and physical levels.


In Greco-Roman mythology, it symbolizes eternal love and the strengthening of couple bonds. It represents the fidelity and solidity of love and is the birthstone for April, which marks the wedding season.


In India, women wear black diamonds as jewellery to become pregnant. It has no fewer than fourteen names that all refer to the gemstone as a symbol of fertility.


The 88-carat KORLOFF diamond is also considered a lucky number in Chinese numerology. In Mandarin, the pronunciation of the number 8 is similar to the verb "to prosper," and thus it is associated with good fortune, happiness, health, and success.


Finally, the black diamond is associated with justice and inner strength, as well as courage.

The black korloff IS NOW on display at SHANGHAI FOR THE CIIE eVENT.