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Korloff's world

The Korloff story began with a mysterious 200-carat rough black diamond cut into a 88-carat brilliant jewel.


Legend has it that this exceptional gem belonged to the noble Russian Korloff-Sapojnikoff family, who passed it down as a talisman from generation to generation before leaving Russia in 1917. 

The story goes that the black diamond brings good luck and prosperity to whoever owns it. Forty years later, it remains the brand’s symbol and source of inspiration.

Now the Maison is reconnecting with its provocative history.

As a contemporary Parisian joaillier diamantaire, Korloff develop unique pieces designed to seduce in its creation studio. 

The diamonds, shapes and materials are combined to create sublime works of art. Each piece pleases the eye and is at one with the body.

Mixing luxury, sensuality and provocation, the Korloff woman creates her own assertive style. She has built an almost addictive physical attraction with her jewels.

More than ever before, this statement jewellery places the diamond at the heart of the creative process.